Benefits of yoga

  • Combines strength and flexibility

  • Core strengthening

  • Gentle flow and poses parallel our day to day movements

  • Mind-body connection

  • Breath control

  • Address fear


  • Dr. Yaniv understands the medical nature of the condition and can link it to the effect on function and movement, and with that deep understanding, can best guide the client through the poses

  • Knowledge of structural pathology and how it may benefit from certain movements and poses, as well as what poses should be modified or avoided

  • Applying the basic tenets of McKenzie method to the practice of yoga (directional preference plays a huge role)

  • Provide reassurance and safety

philosophy of pain management

  • Rather than chase the pain, the goal is to get ahead of the pain

  • Understand pain pattern (consider pain journal) so that you can better prevent pain and anticipate when pain may be triggered

  • Pain is complex, and involves for physical and emotional factors, both of which need to be addressed

  • There is a difference between acute and chronic pain, and hence, their management is different as well