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Dr. Esther Yaniv, MD is a premier spine Physiatrist with over a decade of experience in complex spine Pain.

Dr Yaniv. is a Neck and Back Pain Specialist located in Austin, Texas

When it comes to spine and musculoskeletal pain, the doctor and patient become a team — working together for a better outcome.
— Esther Yaniv, M.D., board-certified Physiatrist
Dr. Yaniv - Back Pain Doctor in Austin, TX

About Dr. Yaniv

As a non-surgical spine specialist, Dr. Yaniv’s focus is on the spine, neck, and lower back. Dr. Yaniv believes in a comprehensive approach to treatment, which may include physical therapy and pain management, as well as lifestyle modification and weight management. As a certified Yoga instructor, Dr. Yaniv understands that overcoming physical problems is not just about the body, but also about the mind. Many things can contribute to how each of us experiences pain.

Dr. Yaniv has practiced medicine in Austin for more than 12 years. She believes that the best outcomes happen when patients take an active role in their recovery as part of a collaborative doctor-patient relationship. When she is not working with patients or teaching Yoga, Dr. Yaniv enjoys spending time with her husband and her family. Her passions include fitness and travel.


Welcome to Austin Spine Health

Where we focus on a whole health approach.

  • “Whole” health approach - “Wholeness” or “Wholistic” (as opposed to holistic)

  • Functional improvement - the concept that injury and aging can lead to persistent issues, and learning how to function as best as you can given those impairments. This holds true for back and neck pain, especially if chronic.

  • Quality of life - this is what it boils down to. Medical decision making, particularly when it comes to treatment, should keep QOL in mind at its center. If a treatment does not affect long term quality outcome, alternatives should be considered.

  • Integrative spine care, looking at how whole health influences spine health

  • Emphasis on conservative care, minimally invasive, exhaust non-surgical options first

  • Detailed evaluation including a detailed review of history, thorough physical exam, appropriate diagnostic tests (MRI, EMG etc)

  • Discuss short-term treatment and long-term maintenance with focus on prevention.

  • Working with providers in the community to form a team all involved in treatment (PT, Chiro, massage etc)

  • Treatment of both acute back pain and chronic back pain

  • Focus on multiple parts of the spine to treat anything from lower back pain to neck pain.

Austin Spine Health - Austin Back Pain Doctor

Our goal is to give patients the tools and knowledge to be able to take care of themselves, manage their pain, understand the nature of their pain etc. through education.


WHY CHOOSE DR. YANIV To treat your back pain



  • Same day appointments and an easy referral process.

In-Depth, One Hour assessment

  • In depth one hour new patient assessment - You no longer have to feel like you’re being rushed through, enjoy your experience and get the your questions and concerns addressed.

  • Promptly see Dr. Yaniv at your appointment time, no more long times in the waiting room.  She understand your time is precious and that doctor visits can be stressful.

  • As a top back pain doctor in Austin, Dr. Yaniv is uniquely qualified to assess your health and treat your condition.

integrative approach

  • Spine patients are often told that nothing can be done for their pain, if a traditional option is not available to them.  Dr. Yaniv thinks outside the “box” and has resources that may not be offered to them in traditional spine practices. Dr. Yaniv uses a multitude of approaches to treat back and spine pain in the best way possible.

  • Direct contact to staff and physician - no automated messages and phone algorithms, get a human on the other side of the phone.


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